It's all about me!

Adam Dorman

Hi, I'm Adam (that's me on the right)

I am primarily a digital artist and web developer, I also photograph, paint and sculpt.

Prior to my career as an artist/developer, I was an engineer for three years and a wine merchant for seven.

I'd always had a strong interest in computers and I had always drawn and painted. When I first applied for a job in this field, I already had a portfolio of Commodore Amiga artwork. It was with this that I secured my first creative appointment.

In 2000 I completed a 3 year residency with British Airways' Communications department. My role was that of a corporate presentations specialist. I was also required to provide graphics, sound & video, web and print media for a multitude of various departments and programs all over the world.

I worked alongside many departments within the airline (Marketing, Sales, HR etc.) and their external partners (oneworld, Airbus, Eurostar etc.), designing themes for corporate presentations, shows and events. I liaised with British Airways Design Management during the introduction of the controversial 'Utopia (world image)' livery, communicating the strategy to staff and the international media.

In March 2000 I left British Airways to work freelance. This move gave me the freedom to expand my creative skill base and work in new ways with new tools. During this time I worked on jobs for companies such as Merrill Lynch, HSBC, Cisco and KPMG.

In my last role at Capgemini I was engaged as the UK's Intranet Manager/ Internal Webmaster. I also produced Interactive CD Roms, created artwork and supported client bids. I have worked on projects for many of their clients including Ericsson, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft and the MOD.

I am currently employed by PA Consulting Group as their Online Services Manager.

In a freelance capacity I have designed Flash clocks and logos, created websites, and produced artwork for television programmes.