Frequently Asked Questions

Flash Clock Questions

Can I use one of your clocks on my site?

Of course you can! All of the clocks in the Flash Clock Gallery (except for the Mickey Mouse clock) are free for you to download and use on your own sites free of charge.

Will you design a new clock for free?

I'm afraid I must decline. I have a large gallery of free Flash clocks for you to choose from (42 at the last count). These are promotional items, intended as a taster of my work in the hope that you may wish to pay for the extra features in a commissioned work.

Can I have the source code for the Flash clocks?

I have spent many, many hours researching, developing and building my clocks, using code devised solely by myself. These clocks are unique and exclusive to me, and I would prefer to keep them that way. Sorry.

Can I set GMT or other time zones on the free clocks?

This feature is not available in the free clocks. It can however, be implemented if wish to commission a flash clock

Do your clocks adjust for daylight savings time?

As the free clocks get the time from the local machine they will always be in synch with the time zone you are in. Therefore this feature is not necessary in the free clocks. It can however, be implemented if wish to commission a flash clock

Are the free clocks customisable?

I'm afraid not. If you would like to commission a clock, certain customisations can be built in e.g. time zones, daylight savings time, customisable colours.

Can I use your clocks as a screensaver?

Not currently. I will re-consider this in the future if I receive more requests.

Why do the seconds not work properly on the flip clock?

There may be many flash movies open on the same page. Your PC may not be able to deal with so much action and the clock may miss its time cues as a result. I am working on a solution to this.

General Questions

Can I advertise on your site?

this site is intended to advertise my own skills. Everything on this site has been produced by me. If I were to allow advertising I would lose control of some design elements. Although bandwidth is expensive, I have taken the decision to keep this site advert free. There are some parties I have entered into partnership with. These parties are promoted on my links page. This is the only area of my site where such overt promotion is found.