The Evolution of a Logo (and a little bit of history)

This is the story of my logo. It is also a potted history of my computing experiences since I was eleven years old.

I have been 'messing about' with computers since about 1981. My first computer was a Commodore VIC-20. It had a screen resolution of 176x184 pixels, 16 colours and only 3.5k of RAM. Unfortunately I did not have a cassette drive, so every time I entered a program I lost it when I turned the machine off. There was very little you could do graphics wise on the VIC-20.

Around this time I discovered graph paper. I used to buy packs of it and draw meticulous graphics pixel by pixel. I did some experiments by changing the text characters and using those as building blocks for images. This really wasn't very satisfying. Especially after seeing the movie 'Tron' in 1982.

In that same year Commodore released the Commodore 64. A much more powerful machine with a display of 320x200, but still only 16 colours.

I spent most of 1982/3 at a friend's house fiddling with the C-64. Playing 'Jet Set Willy' & 'Monty Mole' and sometimes programming and drawing. We used 'Koala Painter' a little, and even tried to program Forth with 'White Lightning'.

In 1983 I got an Atari 800XL (320x192 display, 256 colours & 64k RAM). Now this was exciting, a computer with so many colours. I was so thrilled at having 16 shades of grey. I learnt to program BASIC and created my own drawing program. The cursor was joystick controlled, it could draw lines, boxes and circles. As far as I was concerned I was a 'Guru'. Then in 1984 the movie 'The Last Starfighter' was released. I knew nothing!

My logo circa 1985Up to this time all home computers were 8-bit machines. In 1985 my friend saved up all the money from his milk round and bought an Amiga 1000. This was the best computer in the world at the time. The Amiga 1000 had a 32bit processor, 256k of RAM, it multi-tasked, had stereo sound, an inbuilt floppy drive, a mouse and a resolution of 640x512 with 4096 colours. It was delivered with a copy of 'Deluxe Paint'. Drawing with a mouse was really liberating after drawing with a joystick. It was at this time that I started to make real images rather than just doodles with boxes and circles. I decided I needed to sign my images somehow. As my handwriting was terrible and we didn't have a scanner, I created my first logo. I was really proud of this, and pasted it on every one of my Amiga doodles. Until I discovered 3D.

My Logo circa 1989In about 1989, one of the many Amiga magazines gave away a 3D package called Imagine 3D. It was the age of spinning TV logos. I needed a new logo that could spin with the best of them. I designed a new angular 3D logo that adorned all of my 3D work. It span often. This logo lasted until someone suggested it looked like it might be 'LD' rather than 'AD'. That was 1990.

My logo circa 1990In 1990 the logo was redesigned to be indisputably 'AD'. I bought my own Amiga 1000 and kept it until 1993 when I replaced it with the new Amiga 1200 (1280x512, 16.8 million colours, 2Mb RAM). This was the computer I kept until the late nineties.

My logo circa 1997After three years as an engineer and seven years as a wine merchant, I decided it was time to make some money with my art skills. In 1997 I put together a portfolio video with my Amiga, and got the first job I applied for. It was then that I realized just how obsolete the Amiga had become, and I got hold of a second hand 60Mhz PC. I got to play around with Adobe Photoshop for the first time, and the way I made art changed forever. And of course my logo got a re-design.

I've been working in digital art and with the web for more than a decade now. I've learned new skills and a lot more about design. Looking back now, I'm quite embarrassed about the first logo. It looked so cool back then, I thought I was such a good artist (You'll notice there are no works from this period on my site).

The logo I have now, I am very happy with. I think it's the logo I'll stick with for a good while.

My logo circa 2001

'til the next time I get an itch...


Well I got an itch! In mid 2005 I decided my site was looking decidedly tired and 'old skool'. The new site needed a much cleaner, less fussy logo. so here it is.

My logo circa 2005

I should get some cream for this condition!