New Site Design - v4.0

If you have not visited my site for a while you may have noticed that has undergone a facelift. The following is my rationale and a manifesto of sorts.

I felt that my previous design had become a little tired and I wanted to bring the look and feel up to date. This was also an opportunity for me to implement the MySQL database that I had been intending to use from the very start. I have tried to make the site as standards compliant as I can (even the Flash content!) and use as little JavaScript as possible.

I have removed all colour from the site design. The colour now comes solely from the work itself. This gives the pieces more room to breathe, and there will never be a battle for dominance between the site and the content (the content now always wins).

There are a couple of portfolio areas that I have decided to clear out. The panoramas section was a bit of a flash in the pan, and I am mothballing that area until I have taken some really worthwhile photographic panoramas.

I have removed the application skins section. The works in that area were old, and for applications that very few people use any longer. I felt they were also contributing to the tiredness of the site.

The most difficult section to remove was Photoshop tutorials. I have not written any new tutorials for about 3 years. Although these drove traffic to my site, I've decided that this is not what my site should be about. Besides, there are many better tutorials out there than the very few I had on this site.

I have also restructured the navigation menu. Originally my work had been split into portfolio and downloads. All my work is now in one section. As all my work is in some way creative (and all of it my portfolio), I thought I was doing a disservice to some of the work by not representing it properly.

If you have any comments or suggestions for improvements to my site, I'd be happy to hear them.

Thank you.

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