At around 10.30pm on Tuesday the 23rd of January 2007 my cat; Tonk went into labour. After a difficult first hour and an emergency visit to the vet, by 3.00am I had 5 healthy newborn kittens.

The following links chart their progress over their first few days and weeks.

Day 1 (9 photos)

  • New kittens. Eyes closed, ears down, sex not yet determined. Five kittens; 3 black with white bibs & paws and 2 brown tiger striped. No names yet.

Day 3 (8 photos)

  • Eyes still closed, ears still down. But they do make really cute squeaking noises when they want food from their mum. The brown ones seem to be growing quickest. It must be the go-faster stripes.

Day 5 (no photos)

  • Although the kittens are healthy and doing well. Tonk (their mother) has not been having a good time. She's been off her food and dehydrated. So she's been at the vet to get her fluids back in balance and stomach settled. Her kittens are with her and she is continuing to nurse them, so no photographs today.

Week 1 (8 photos)

  • Home Again! Tonk is doing much better. Her stomach is settled and she's much more enthusiastic about food now. The kittens have grown to over twice their birth weight and their eyes are starting to open. We think the tigers are boys and the blacks are girls (we're still not 100% certain at the moment though).

Week 2 (4 photos)

  • Most of the kittens eyes are open now. Two of them have a slight infection, but we are treating that with an eye gel and they are responding well. They continue to grow and really wriggle when we try to administer their medicine. I've fallen in love with the black girl with the white beard... She's so cute! I know I'm going to be keeping her.

Week 3 (8 photos)

  • I'd like to introduce the boys Tiger and Olly, and the girls Polly, Bee and Splodge. Almost four weeks old now and looking really healthy. All their eyes are open and clear and their ears are up and pointy. They are starting to interact with me much more now. Some are demanding cuddles quite forcefully. Polly loves sitting on my shoulder and cuddling up my neck. She really is a sweetheart! I can see I'm going to have a hard time letting them go to new homes.

Week 5 (4 photos)

  • Week 5 and they never stop moving. It's becoming increasingly difficult to take photos of them now. The little bounders just will not stay still! They are all on solid food now and litter training has been interesting. They continue to grow and get more and more affectionate. I can't sit down with out a sudden quilt of kitten fur spontaneously forming on me.

Week 8 (9 photos)

  • Tiger's new mummy has been round to see him and he'll be off in a couple of weeks. Splodge's mummy is coming to get her at Easter. We'll miss the little tykes, but they're going to good homes. I'm trying to get Tonk (kitten's real mum) to stop feeding them. So at the moment Tonk and the kittens are separated. The kittens aren't bothered, but Tonk is being very difficult (and noisy).

Week 10 (7 photos)

  • Well week ten has come and gone and we're down to three kittens. Tiger is now called "Charlie" and is settling in with his new family. Splodge has gone to Scotland and is now called "Rosie".

    So this week Polly, Olly and Bee have discovered the cat flap and have been exploring the garden. Sunbathing and fern chewing have never been so fluffy! Click the title above to see the photos.