Philipp Spoeth
Philipp Spoeth is the author of the SinedotsII plug-in. He has made a few plug-ins for Photoshop & After Effects, and is working on a new filter pack at present.
UVMapper Classic is a full featured texture mapping utility program. It will allow you to completely remap a Wavefront (obj) model in any way you can imagine.
Wings 3D is a free, simple and intuitive modeling polygon mesh modeller.

Rainy's is the home of Rainmeter, which is a customisable performance meter, which can display the CPU load, memory utilisation, disk space, network traffic, time and many more system stats.

WireChanger is a tool for managing desktop wallpapers. It can also add Flash clocks to your desktop.

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Desktop Wallpapers
Joe Price is on a mission to create a database of the best desktop wallpapers from around the Internet.
He has been kind enough to add some of my work to his collection. Have a look at some of the other quality work on display