Brushed Steel Texture

Brushed Steel Tutorial Header

This is a popular texture for interface design.

Gray squareCreate a new document 512 x 512 pixels.
Make a new layer and fill with gray:
R: 170
G: 176
B: 184

Grain FilterApply filter:
Texture / Grain...
Intensity: 14
Contrast: 50
Grain Type: Soft

Darker gray layerMake a new layer and fill with gray:
R: 129
G: 129
B: 129

Noise filterApply Filter:
Noise / Add Noise...
Amount: 50%
Distribution: Uniform
Monochromatic: Checked

Motion Blur

Apply Filter:
Blur / Motion Blur...
Angle: 0
Distance: 100

Overlay adjustment

Set layer adjustment to Overlay

You will find that the left and right sides of the image look a little messy. Ensure you always start with a canvas larger than you require, so you can trim these areas when you have completed this process.


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