Wood Tutorial for Photoshop

Wood Tutorial Header

In this tutorial we will create a simple wood texture. The result can be used in manually rendered artworks or as a 3D image map. For 3D modeling you can use the alpha channel created as a bump map.

Horizontal GrainCreate a new document 800 x 600 pixels
Make a new layer and fill with light brown:
R: 185
G: 138
B: 62

Apply Filter:
Texture / Grain
Intensity: 40
Contrast: 50
Grain Type: Horizontal

Motion BlurApply Filter:
Blur / Motion Blur
Angle: 0
Distance: 15

It's already looking very woody.

We can now add a little shadow

Alpha ChannelSelect all and copy layer

Create a new alpha channel and paste from the clipboard.

This creates a bump map for our lighting

Lighting EffectsReturn to your layer and apply Filter:
Render / Lighting Effects
Light Type: Directional
Intensity: +50
Gloss: -100
Material: -100
Exposure: 0
Ambience: +8
Texture Channel: Alpha 1
White is high: Yes
Height: 5
Make the lighting path as shown.

Final ImageEdit / Fade lighting effects:
Opacity: 50%
Mode: Screen

Lighten or darken for different effects

Dark Verision Tutorial Version Light Version

That's It!

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